• Technical Consulting

    TEKemploi Consulting Services add value to our customer by focusing on solutions which are comprehensive, innovate, practical and most importantly, implementable. We are here to help your business process and procedure transform to improve performance, reduce cost and increase effectiveness.

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  • Open Source Support

    TEKemploi's Open Source support program provide independent consulting, services and support for implementation and operation of library, OrangeHRM, Apache Shira, Apache Tomcat, WideFly and many more.

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  • Technical Staffing

    TEKemploi's transparent and open business model helps our client to engage highly experienced and talented consultants to complement and enhance their in-house skills and capabilties.

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About TEkemploi


Tekemploi offers its customer a broad portfolio of engineering and IT services that help them to operate more efficiently and effectively. The comprehensive, pro-active services are designed to deliver customer based needs.

The company is dedicated to helping organizations implement business and technology initiatives cost-effectively.

Tekemploi understands the unique needs expressed by our customers and deliver both standard and custom solutions with minimal effect on time and budget and with highest quality to meet business needs. This combination provides end-to-end functionality for business analytics, financials, operations and manufacturing services.

We provide consultants across the nation and provides solutions to some of the largest corporations in the world, the company continues to propel forward while keeping to core values of trust, integrity and the need to build and grow in order to give back to the community.

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